Stefan Calin

Writer, Philosopher, Game Designer

Lover of All Things Beautiful

Stefan Calin, PhD is a Philosophy academic by day and explorer/adventurer by night. Having written numerous publications in the fields of general research into the history of philosophy, ancient greek philosophy, and continental philosophy, this is his first large-scale foray in the world of Literary Fiction. He has published short stories and poetry in his native Romania since the age of 11. His style mixes exciting writing, bodily exploration, transgressive fiction with a philosophical inquiry into the fundamentals of human nature and relationships.
My love affair with literature starting when I was 9 years old and discovered the wonderful form of expression we call writing. Words seemed magical to me, in their power to create or to destroy, to evoke, to shine a light or to hide. It was as if a game was always at play within them, making it so that at every turn, an inexhaustible wealth of treasure was to be found.
This fascination gave birth to my first attempts at scribbling - a child's amusement at first, evolving into an enduring passion.
Philosophy and game design - I've discovered them in my teenage years. I was awestruck again. For one gave me new ways to express worlds I could envision and the other allowed me to better understand and give them more meaning.

My interests in philosophy include
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Metaphysics & Ontology
  • Post-modern Thought

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