Discover My New Contemporary Fiction Novel

The Journeys We Wander

Follow the wanderings of Allan, an aspiring journalist, as he investigates a curious murder case while awkwardly stumbling through love affairs, a dull job, and existential crises.

"This novel is so compelling that you'll read it in a single setting. Complex characters, thrilling emotions, and an ever-present quest for meaning weave a beautiful tapestry. " - Anne, a reader like you


Ilsa, the subject of his investigation, is a young woman accused of murdering her lover. From the first moment, a unique chemistry bonds them, bringing out the worst and best in each other.

As the attraction for Ilsa blooms, he discovers a different kind of connection with Marry, one of his co-workers. She may first seem like your average girl next door, but, still waters run deep.

Caught in the mirage of a love triangle our heroes seek their own path to redemption. As they discover flashes of truth about the human condition, one question keeps coming back. What is the way forward: cunning, creation, or love?